Pneumatic Actuators

Pneumatic actuatorsBrammer’s choice of pneumatic actuators form just part of Europe’s most complete range of industrial maintenance, repair and overhaul products.

Choosing pneumatic actuators from Brammer gives you the added reassurance of local service, parts availablity and delivery you can rely on. Brammer’s range of pneumatic actuators includes:

Pneumatic linear actuatorspneumatic linear actuators

  • Standard ISO compact cylinders with standard outside dimensions according to ISO21287
  • Full range of brackets available
  • Tapped body with through holes for easy mounting
  • Male rod thread is available as an option
  • Available with & without magnetic piston

Pneumatic Rotary Actuatorspneumatic rotary actuators

Series CDRQ2 – Pneumatic Rotary Actuators, Double Piston Style with Built-In Magnet

  • Sizes Ø10 - 30mm
  • Compact rotary actuator, rack and pinion type with double piston drive.
  • Rotational angle adjustable +/- 5º.
  • Stoppers fitted with dampers.
  • Double piston drive allows end position free from backlash
  • Auto switch for querying end position detection can be integrated into body profile .

Series CRA1 - Rotary Actuator, Rack and Pinion

  • Sizes Ø30 - 80mm, rotation angle 90º or 180º.
  • Single or double shaft types available.
  • Standard model has auto-switch for end postion detection.

Series CRB1/CRB2 - Rotary Actuator, Vane Type

  • Sizes 10 - 100mm, with fixed rotary angles 90º,180º, 270º or rotary angle stepless adjustable to 240º
  • No backlash in end position
  • Simple design means long service life
  • Optional double vane style

Series MRQ - Rotary Cylinder

  • Sizes Ø32, 40mm linear stroke to 100mm, rotary angle 90º or 180º.
  • Unit has a combination of stroke and rotary movement.
  • Stroke and rotary movement can be controlled separately
  • Pneumatic cushioning for linear movement
  • Rotary movement adjustable in both end positions +/- 5º
  • Linear and rotary movement with end position detection using standard auto switch.

Series MSQ - Rotary Table: Basic Type, Rack & Pinion Style

  • A thin rotary table unit with a low table top height
  • No backlash
  • The angle can be adjusted as desired. (Between 0º and 190º)
  • The body can be centred easily during installation.
  • A load can be mounted directly

Rodless pneumatic cylindersrodless pneumatic cylinders

Parker ORIGA

  • 10mm to 80mm bore, stroke lengths up to 6000mm
  • Completely modular design
  • Space saving design
  • Long lifetime
  • Internal guide system
  • High loads and torques
  • Equal force in both directions
  • Service intervals up to 8000km
  • For a wide range of load, speed & motion profiles

A ‘single-source’ supply of the world’s leading brands, Brammer is able to provide full technical support on all pneumatic actuators. For more information on Brammer’s pneumatic actuators, please contact us on 08447 36 36 65 or click here to request our catalogue.

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