Irwin Locking Pliers

Irwin Locking Pliers

These locking pliers have a one-handed, triggerless release, so they’re twice as easy to open as the traditional design. Anti-pinch, non-slip grips provide comfort, control, and less hand fatigue. 

The fast release locking pliers are specifically designed to offer non-slip comfort grip with no pinch points, with one handed, easy operation.  These features make the locking pliers suitable for securely gripping and torquing multiple surface shapes, including round pipes, square or hex bolts, and more.

The pliers are made from high grade alloy steel that is heat treated for maximum toughness and durability, which doubles the length of the product life compared with traditional locking pliers, helping to reduce product replacement costs.


Carefully chosen from the world’s leading brands to bring you both value and performance, our wide product range includes stainless steel for food and pharmaceutical,  insulated and safety tools for working in hazardous environments, as well as tool control storage systems.

All products come with full manufacturer warranty and technical back-up.


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