Frekvensomformere med høy kapasitet VFD

High Capacity VFD 248x205

Water Cooled and Air Cooled Controls are available in a wide range of power due to modular concept. Rating table is indicative and depends on parameters like temperature/speed/torque etc. Flexibility in design meets your special demands. The housing is either IP23 or IP44/54 depending on size and application and ensures trouble free operation in harsh environments.


Typical marine applications: Propulsion/Azimuth thrusters/tunnel thrusters, dredge/cargo pumps, compressors and winches. For industry applications suitable when cooling by air is difficult and limited space available.

Characterized by high reliability, high efficient, small dimensions, and low noise and evacuate heat directly to water and do not contribute to ambient heating in narrow rooms. Furthermore the electronic parts are type approved by DNV for use in Marine & Offshore applications.

We have a significant reference list and a software library from various applications. Our standard interface covers most recognised IAS and PMS systems including black-out prevention by fast reduction of load.

Our speciality is retrofit and conversions.

V/F Control

• Flux/Vector Control

• Encoder/ Encoder less switchable

• Speed or Torque Control

• Regenerative (Active Front)

• Serial link/Modbus RTU

• Fieldbus: 2*CANopen/ Device Net, Ethernet/

Modbus TCP, Profibus DP

• Remote I/O via CANopen

• Logics, timers, comparators




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