Brammer AS in Norway stock a wide range of gears from the world's leading producers of gear boxes. We supply the latest technology within energy effective gear boxes like the helical gears branded Simogear from Siemens, worm gears from Hydromec and planetary gears from Comer.
We offer tailor made solutions for any industrial purpose, included design and installation.
The adjustments are performed at our highly qualified inhouse workshop, which ensures an effective and quick delivery.
We supply any gear from other suppliers on request. Through our Pan-European logistic system, we cantrace at any time, what is available across Europe.  

Brammer AS - previousely Lönne Scandinavia is highly recognized for designing and making high quality "Drive Solutions" for rotating machinery for: Winches, Cranes fans, etc.

Due to the great variety in range of products, highly competent engineers are free to assemble the best suited inverters with the other components. In this way, Lönne provides optimized solutions to customer’s security and safe operations.

  • Planetary Gears

    Brammer AS tailor make solutions with Planetary Gears as one of the components, mainly in combination with Lönne Motors and tailor made controls. More information

  • Helical Gears

    Brammer stock a wide spectre of Helical Gearsfrom highly recognized suppliers like Siemens (Simogear og Motox), Wattgear, Benzlers and Hydromec. Our product spectre is normal Geared Motors (In-line, Helical), Parallel Gears, Angular Gears, Gear/Worm combinations and also typical Gear Boxes. More information

  • Worm Gears

    Brammer stock Worm Gears and modify them at our own workshop, according to customer's specification. Brammer AS (Former Lönne) has had a tight cooperation with Hydromec for over 20 years, which has built a unique platform of experience and expertize within the product and it's application. This is a great benefit to our customers. More information

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