Knives and Blades

Utility Knife

The Bi-Metal blade is made by welding high-speed steel edge and spring steel into one blade. This means that the blade will stay sharp 3 times longer than traditional blades and it has great flexibility meaning that it won’t shatter easily and possibly cause injury.

The Bi-metal blade can also come in a snap off format. However this doesn’t compromise on quality, the blades will still have long lasting performance and shatterproof qualities.

These Irwin knives are ergonomically designed to ensure easy use and comfort ranging from standard grip to a fold out knife with a wire cutter.
The blades have been designed to extend the life of the blades, stop shattering in normal working conditions, ensure fewer blade changes due to high quality, and reduce the risk of accidental puncture wounds.


Covering everything from hand and machine tools to adhesives and personal protection equipment, we hold more than 13,000 product lines from world-class manufacturers, including 3M, Bahco, Bosch, Stanley, Loctite and Dormer. We also stock products approved for specific industrial environments, including, food, transport, marine, power stations and military.


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