Yaskawa JVA1000 frequency Inverters 248x205

YASKAWA is the leading global manufacturer of inverter drives, servo drives, machine controllers, medium voltage inverters, and industrial robots.

Yaskawa inverters cover a wide range of applications. Excellent performance, smart product design, reliable operation, quick and easy start up, is some of the key features in the Yaskawa inverter range.


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  • High performance vector control.
  • Excellent motor drive performance: A1000 is a premium inverter drive running not only induction motors, but also PM motors (open and closed loop) with fulltorque at zero speed
  • Built-in functional safety features: The implemented Safe Torque Off (STO)function significantly improves machine safety and reliability and provides substantial cost reduction potentials
  • Optimized machine efficiency: Advanced energy-saving control technology which improves efficiency and machine productivity in combination with induction and PM motor operation

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  • Functional Safety built in, STO according to ISO 13849-1 Cat 3, PLd and IEC 61508, SIL2
  • In normal duty (120% overload) one frame size larger motor can be driven
  • Standard AC Motor and PM motor control V/f and open-loop current vector control
  • One of the smallest inverter drives in the world
  • Side-by-side mounting
  • Icon-based programming

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The J1000 cutting-edge features such as:

  • V/f Control Plug and Play installation
  • Over-Excitation Braking
  • Easy parameter programming and controller functions
  • Braking Chopper built in
  • Heavy duty / normal duty rating
  • International standards
  • Swing PWM for silent motor operation

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The new YASKAWA Matrix Converter is an energy-saving inverter without DC-bus. Regenerative braking energy is fed back into the power grid, while sinusoidal input current reduces losses and allows a power grid-friendly operation.
The new YASKAWA Matrix Converter is significantly compacter than usual regeneration solutions and the first choice for innovative, energy-effi cient drive solutions with or without power regeneration.
Harmonics THD at input, is below 5%.

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