iDrive Frekvensomformer 248x205

iDrive is an own brand in the Brammer AS inverter range.
The product is designed to meet with the demand of
many different applications.
As one of the leading nordic suppliers of electrical motors, gears and inverters, we have carefully adapted
iDrive to fit in the Nordic market.
A wide voltage range, different control modes, built in functionality, combined
with user friendlyness, makes the iDrive a flexible solution.

The product comes with a 3 years warranty



Key Features
Built in:
Filter for TN or IT grid
Brake chopper
Encoder input
200mA 24V power supply
Metal housing
Multiple language display

Control methodes

V/F control
Vector control
Vector control with feedback Permanent magnet motor control
Active front end solutions ( regen)

Power/voltage range
230V IP54 2,2kW - 75kW
400V IP54 2,2kW -132kW
440V IP54 2,2kW -150kW
690V IP54 2,2kW - 250kW
690V IP20 2,2kW - 315kW
690V IP00 2,2kW - 3000kW



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