Brammer breaks new ground with its pan-European directory for products and components for industry

Brammer is Europe's leading distributor of products and services for industrial maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO). On June 30 started Brammer distribution of its first pan-European product catalog to customers in 18 countries in Europe, including Brammer new presence through acquisitions in Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark.

This directory is another example of Brammer's unique ability to deliver consistent service and a full range of MRO products throughout Europe - and now also in Scandinavia. Directory builds on their promise to the customer to offer an unbeatable range of industrial MRO products from one reliable source.

The directory is translated into nine languages and includes Brammer full range of MRO products - including Brammer extensive range of bearings, mechanical drivetrain linear motion, motors, gears and hydraulics. All products in the catalog are priced, making it easy for customers to find the component they want and order from the catalog, wherever they are in Europe. Catalogue for 2014 consists of 1706 pages with 53 893 item number, nine product sections and contain parts of 34 of the world's leading suppliers - in addition to over 2,500 product images.

Brammer has pressed more than 50,000 copies of this first edition, which has been in distribution to customers since the beginning of July.

Brammer has depth knowledge of the various industries and thus know to which MRO products our customers need and the challenges they face. How could Brammer give customers total savings of EUR 75 million in 2013.

Ian Fraser, Brammer CEO, stated the following: "After the launch of our bigger and better catalog of tools and products for general maintenance earlier this year, we are pleased that we now also launches a new pan-European directory of products and components for industry. This catalog represents that it is the first time customers have access to the same products and product ranges across the entire European continent - thanks to our new presence in the Nordic region. This will ensure access to the same brands and products to all our customers wherever they are located, which we know they appreciate. "

For further information about Brammer, and to order a copy of Brammer MRO catalog, contact your local Brammer team - call (55 39 10 00) or go to

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