Worm Gears

Wormgrar single Hydromec

Brammer stock Worm Gears and modify at our own workshop, according to customer's specification.
Brammer AS (Former Lönne) has had a tight cooperation with Hydromec for over 20 years, which has built a unique platform of experience and expertise within the product and it's application. This is a grat benefit to our customers.
Swift supply and optimal modification is crucial, so our wide range on stock and flexible workshop ensures your supply.



Brammre AS (former Lönne Scandinavia ) has worked with worm gears from Hydromec during the last 20 years. We stock a large variety of worm gears from size 030 to 110  (20Nm-620Nm Type Rigth Angle (Our designation: VSF) ) with and without hollow shaft.
The worm gears are customized at our workshop, according to the customer's specifictions, such as changing motor flange, mounting feet, outgoing flange, ingoing pivot (type R ). We build in ingoing gear step (Type P), and can build them as double worm gears. 

Angletech X-gear is a new type of gear which in many cases can replace a worm gear when required incresed efficiency (96%), or need for instance. Ø20 or Ø30mm hollow shaft. This is on stock, for swift delivery.

For other requirements, for delivery from manufacturer, is size 130 worm and the Square Q series nad many other series.
Please contact us for more information or look into: http://hydromec.com 
There you find a very good and intuitive 3D model configurator. (Aquires registering first).

On occasions of other models, larger than 130size, we have tong term good history with producers like Siti, Varvel, Bonfiglioli and Siemens Cavex.


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