Tools & Maintenance

Power & Machine Tools

Vi tillhandahåller fler än 13 000 produktlinjer från världsledande tillverkare som 3M, Bahco, Bosch, Stanley, Loctite och Dormer. Vårt utbud omfattar allt från handhållna verktyg och verktygsmaskiner till bindemedel och personlig skyddsutrustning. Vi lagerför även produkter för specifika industriella miljöer som livsmedels-, transport- sjöfarts- och militärindustrin samt för kraftverk.

  • Irwin Locking Pliers

    These locking pliers have a one-handed, triggerless release, so they’re twice as easy to open as the traditional design. Anti-pinch, non-slip grips provide comfort, control, and less hand fatigue. More information

  • Knives and Blades

    The Bi-Metal blade is made by welding high-speed steel edge and spring steel into one blade. This means that the blade will stay sharp 3 times longer than traditional blades and it has great flexibility meaning that it won’t shatter easily and possibly cause injury. More information

  • Uniwrench

    We’ve probably all been in the situation where we’ve had to change a motor during a breakdown and have spent hours fighting to release rusty and worn bolts. More information

  • Ansell Hand Protection

    These Non-Slip Gloves have been produced and designed especially for demanding conditions. More information

  • Protective Eyewear

    Thousands of eye injuries at the workplace are reported every year; some even resulting in loss of eye sight. More information

  • Personal Protection Equipment

    With everything from hard hats to safety footwear, hearing protection to First Aid kits, we’ll cover you from head to toe in the highest quality products... More information

  • Site Safety & Security

    Covering everything from site marking and anti-slip products to equipment lockouts and fall arrest systems, our products will keep you safe and in line with H&S legislation... More information

  • Hand Tools

    Carefully chosen from the world’s leading brands to bring you both value and performance, our wide product range includes stainless steel for food and pharmaceutical... More information

  • Adhesives, Sealants & Tapes

    From everyday products like thread lockers for best practice maintenance, to complex coating and wear compounds that extend the service life of expensive... More information

  • Abrasive & Cutting Tools

    From simple sheet abrasives and diamond core drilling, through to grinding and high quality finishing, we have what you need in stock for immediate delivery... More information

  • Janitorial & Cleaning

    Helping you comply with current legislation, our range of safe and environmentally friendly products includes power washers, surface cleaners... More information

  • Oils & Greases

    From filling gearboxes and hydraulic systems to greasing bearings and lubricating chains, we’ll keep your lines running smoothly... More information

  • Maintenance & Lubrication Tools

    From pulling and alignment tools to bearing heaters and lubrication equipment, we’ve got everything you need for your maintenance requirements... More information

  • Hardware

    Covering everything from fasteners, batteries and tapes to padlocks and paints, our extensive supply of ‘everyday’ consumables guarantees immediate access... More information

  • Power & Machine Tools

    From cordless and precision multi-tools to grinders, generators and compressors, we’ve got the right tool for every need. We can also advise on individual... More information

  • Test & Measurement

    Including thermal imaging, vibration monitoring and electrical test equipment, our product range will help you monitor and control your working environment... More information

  • Welding, Brazing & Soldering

    Covering gas and arc welding, as well as plasma cutters and accessories, our range includes products from the world’s most popular equipment... More information

  • Storage & Handling

    We offer a full a range of storage solutions from a simple tool roll, through to full store and workshop installations to meet your exact needs... More information

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