Pulp, Paper & Packaging

Pulp, Paper & Packaging

We offer you extensive experience of working with some of Europe’s largest Pulp, Paper and Packaging companies. We are glad to report that many of our manufacturers across Europe have selected Brammer for their MRO requirements.
Brammer appreciate how vital issues like health and safety, availability and energy conservation are to you and your business. Other key issues we can help you deal with include:

  • High sustained speeds and temperatures
  • Continuous production
  • Wet and dusty environments

Similarly, we understand that heavy loads require the application of very high quality parts, and that a drive for optimal energy efficiency means finding the most energy efficient products for your process.
But more importantly, we fully understand the impact all these issues have on your MRO requirements, and how we can apply our experience to give you the best MRO support possible.
MRO products we supply for the Pulp, Paper and Packaging industry include: gearboxes (fitted with EFF1 Motors); electro-pneumatic regulators; self-aligning bearings; dust resistant cylinders; high performance chains; polyurethane synchronous belts; gland packings; high speed synchronous belts; spherical roller bearings (coated); and caged ball linear motion.
Please click on the schematic below to find out more about how we’ll help you.

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