Marine Motors

Marine Motor 248x205

Brammer AS (previousely Lönne Scandinavia) is highly recognized as a leading supplier of drives for rotating machinery. Contact us for references of  various deliveries of drives for  deck machinery like cranes, winches, pumps, propulsion, with more. We choose high quality components from our unrivalled Pan-European Brammer product range to design an optimized, efficient, safe and energy saving solution for you.



Brammer AS has a complete range of Lönne Electric Motors and other brands for marine and off shore applications from 0,05kW to 3500 kW. Altogether we stock 35.000 AC, DC, Brake, EX, Water Cooled motors etc, ready for quick supply.
Our skilled engineers and technicians have multiple choice to pick components from the unrivalled Brammer product range when designing the optimized solution for a customer. High quality ensures safe operation and a long product life cyclus.



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