Industrial Tool Vending Machines | Integrated Dispensing Systems

Brammer Invend™ – Industrial Vending Made Simple
Invend™ provides 24/7 availability of the right industrial consumables at the point where you need them, delivering significant savings on consumption and improvements in productivity.
Invend™ makes controlling your fast moving industrial consumables easy:

  • We invest in machines, software and the initial stock fill
  • We set-up, install and maintain equipment
  • We monitor re-order levels and automatically take care of restocking

Invend™ brings you:

  • Reduced product consumption. By controlling your use of fast-moving industrial consumables, you can typically cut your spend by 25% to 40%
  • Lower inventory costs. You only pay for the items you use, removing the need to carry the cost of inventory
  • Improved productivity. Products are available when and where you need them, that means your staff can use time productively, instead of visiting stores to restock

All you need to get started is a power supply and internet connection - making it simple to switch on & save.


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