Improve Production Efficiency

Improve production efficiency

Maintenance and repair downtime is inevitable, but unplanned downtime is expensive. That’s why Brammer is dedicated to keeping your production line moving continuously 24/7/365. Combining our expertise together with that of our key suppliers we’ll fully support your maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) activity, improving production efficiency through proven, cost-efficient methods. We will work with you to achieve all this through:
Component analysis. We will undertake a comprehensive review of your equipment, providing a detailed performance analysis regarding maintenance requirements, application efficiency and lifetime running costs. Where appropriate we will re-specify them. This is particularly effective where new technology has been introduced that will do the job better or if a product’s been made obsolete by the original manufacturer, making it difficult or costly to replace. We will also analyse your history of component failure in order to understand the causes and, wherever possible, prevent future occurrence.
Certified modifications. Our team of highly skilled technicians will carry out certified modifications to components used in your production process, helping improve specific operations and overall production efficiency.
Condition Monitoring. We can introduce and support the condition monitoring of key components in your production line. In addition to enabling effective preventative maintenance this will also ensure that your production line continues to operate at its optimum performance levels.
Brammer can offer a range of site-based condition monitoring services, including:

  • Vibration Analysis. Being able to monitor the vibration experienced by mechanical components allows you to identify when these components may be failing – allowing you to change the affected parts before they fail – maximising machine up-time.
  • Laser Alignment and Geometric Analysis. Precise shaft alignment prolongs the life expectancy of components, improves energy efficiency and reduces maintenance costs. 
  • A comprehensive range of innovative products and technologies to help you with your maintenance operations (include image of thermal imaging camera, bearing tester etc


We will provide a round the clock service to ensure you get what you want, when and where you need it. So we will deliver bearings, belts & pulleys, chains & sprockets, linear motion, motors, seals, gearboxes, pneumatics, hydraulics, clutches & couplings, tools & maintenance and health & safety products directly to your production line, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.
Component kitting. We can provide a standard kit of parts to service and maintain your machinery, to ensure you can begin scheduled maintenance, confident you have all the parts you require.

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