Helical Gears

Simogear Bevel248x205

Brammer stock a wide spectre of Helical Gearsfrom highly recognized suppliers like Siemens (Simogear og Motox), Wattgear, Benzlers and Hydromec.
Our product spectre is normal Geared Motors (In-line, Helical), Parallel  Gears, Angular Gears, Gear/Worm combinations and also typical  Gear Boxes.


Siemens Simogear /Motox is on stock and is suplied in sizes from 40Nm up to over 20.000Nm. These gear boxes - the normal sizes and normally with IEC K4 adapter, are partly built at our own workshop.
Simogear is compatible with most gear variations in the market.
We also carry the large industrial grars from Siemens (Flender)
Please contact us for more information or also look into: http://www.industry.siemens.com/drives/global/en/geared-motor/Pages/Default.aspx

Watt Helical Gear Boxes is on stock in same spectre as Simogear.
The Watt Gear Boxes are module based, and for rush ordres, we build the gears at our workshop, with possibility of delivery same day. (Applies to smaller amounts and normal size up to 85/86 with IEC adapter, and with Lönne motor)

Please contact us for more information or look into http://wattdrive.com/en/

Benzler Helical Gear Boxes  is on stock with among others the reputable gear box SALA, which is used alot on conveyors within the rock and minin industry and other harsh industries.
The product spectre also carries a lot of other helical gears. Please contact us or look into http://benzlers.com/se/

Hydromec has a wide spectre of helical gears.
We supply these on request. As an example, they have a 1-step idle gear with IEC hollow shaft/ shaft and B5 (event.B14) flange in both ends.
This gear is used when you need to reduce rational speed and increase moment on an existing drive.
Please contact us for more information or look into: http://hydromec.com/



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