Energy Savings

Energy savings

With rising costs and environmental concerns, energy costs are a big issue for business. Following a recent Brammer survey, we estimate that companies across Europe are failing to capitalise on more than €10 billion of potential energy savings at their plants. (The conservative assessment remains that over €13 billion of energy is wasted across Europe in the production processes). Moreover, these companies know it, with 94% believing that they can do more. Surprisingly, while manufacturers are increasingly looking for cost-savings and responsible practices, few are turning to industrial products for an answer. Yet it is here that big gains can be made. Variable speed drives, electric motors and drive belts can all make significant improvements to the efficiency – and environmental credentials – of your production line. Consider the following facts:

  • Motors & Drives account for 66% of power consumed by industry
  • A motor running for eleven hours a day (4,000 hours per year) typically costs ten times more in electricity than its capital cost
  • Fitting the correct drive can save up to 50% energy costs year on year

Brammer is keen to support and influence UK industry in working towards a more efficient and sustainable environment. With the growing cost of energy and its impact on the environment, there is increasing pressure on businesses to improve efficiency while reducing both costs and carbon emissions. Brammer is well placed to help.
We realise that many businesses - particularly manufacturing companies - are subject to demanding C02 emissions reductions schemes. So we are proud to be helping our customers to reduce their CO2 emissions and meet their legal obligations by improving their energy efficiencies. Brammer has a successful track-record of delivering substantial energy savings for many manufacturers, in all sectors.
To help you realise energy savings, we can undertake a thorough audit of your current production processes, and then call on our full range of services to make recommendations and drive down costs. We can also help you benefit from claim returns under the Enhanced Capital Allowance Scheme.

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