Brake Motors

Brake Motor 248x205

Brammer AS has a well developed standard program for Electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic and manually operated Brake Motors, up to frame size 315 with efficiency up to  245kW/1580Nm. All tailor making and mounting will be executed at our own  workshop.



Lönne Brake Motors are highly recognized as very reliable motors, thus often used for winch and crane applications both in marine and land based industries. All brake motors can be supplied in IP55 orIP56 and EExd/de version.
Larger brake motors with braking torque up to 13.000 Nm are developed and produced on request, based on the customer's specifications.  Please contact us for technical details and drawings.

Brammer AS - previousely Lönne is well known of being a leading supplier of drives and power transmissions for rotating machinery. With a multiple choice from Brammer Pan European, unrivalled product spectre, our skilled staff tailor make applications and solutions, based on the customer's specifications.


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