Bearings & Seals

General ball & roller bearings

We offer one of Europe’s largest ranges of bearings, and are an authorized distributor for leading bearing brands like NSK, Timken and Schaeffler - INA FAG.


  • Seals

    We currently have over 2 million seal references and sell 25 million seals and 36 million ‘O’ rings annually More information

  • V Rings Seals

    An all rubber seal for rotary shafts it seals axially against a stationary counter face. This can be the outside of a bearing cap, a washer or any suitable metal pressing... More information

  • Ball Bearings

    More information

  • Deep Groove Bearings

    Deep groove ball bearings are used in many types of applications, often at high-speeds and where low power-loss is required. NSK’s deep groove ball bearings are designed to deliver a 30% improvement in efficiency compared to conventional ball bearings, as well as a life increase of up to 80%. More information

  • SKF Solid Oil Bearings

    The products featured in this Quick Tip video are Solid Oil Bearings from SKF. These Solid Oil Bearings provide a consistent oil supply to the bearing, removing the need for re-lubrication, and it’s virtually impossible to remove the lubricant from the bearing. More information

  • Rotary Shaft Seals

    Radial lip seals are the most common variety of this popular, low cost solution. They’re ideal for everything from high speed shaft rotation to low speed reciprocating shafts... More information

  • Linear Bearings

    We offer a comprehensive choice of everything from linear ball brushings to ancillary products such as actuators, profile rails and track and monorail guidance systems. More information

  • Housed bearings

    Our product range includes plummer blocks and a comprehensive range of self lube and Cooper split to the shaft bearings, all quality assured and immediately available. More information

  • Mechanical Seals

    A versatile and durable seal this is suitable for a wide range of heavy usage applications. We can supply the full range of Mechanical seals... More information

  • Pump Mechanical Packing

    Made from various compliant fibres and appropriate lubricants (selected for their suitability in specific uses) this type of packing is easy to install and maintain... More information

  • O Rings

    ‘O’Rings are the most versatile and economical seals around. They offer outstanding chemical resistance, can withstand high pressure and temperatures... More information

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