With in-depth experience of working with many leading European bakeries, Brammer has developed a real understanding of the MRO issue of this sector, and we bring it to bear on delivering a high quality service.
We appreciate the importance of continuous production, and how crucial issues like hygiene and health & safety are to you and your business. Other key issues we can help you deal with include:

  • Constant washdown
  • High sustained speeds
  • High temperatures

The pressures these place on your machinery is considerable, calling for a guaranteed flow of high quality parts. Similarly, with the need to manage costs and environmental considerations there’s an increasing need to source energy efficient products. Offering expert advice, products and support, Brammer is well placed to help in each of these areas, and can work with you to establish an effective MRO strategy
MRO products we supply for the bakery industry include: gearboxes (fitted with EFF1 motors); solid lubricant with food grade oil; linear guides. hygienic aluminium cylinders; O-rings; corrosion resistant chains; levelling feet; stainless steel cylinders; pillow blocks (food line); high temperature bearings; conveyor chains & belts; anti-vibration mounts; food safe lubricants; high performance chains & timing belts.
Please click on the schematic below to find out more about how we’ll help you.
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img schematic bakery

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